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Men - Hoodie

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Freedom printed vintage hoodieFreedom printed vintage hoodie
Freedom printed vintage hoodie Sale price€186,95
Hardy 2.0 HoodieHardy 2.0 Hoodie
Hardy 2.0 Hoodie Sale price€143,95
Tiffany embroidered HoodieTiffany embroidered Hoodie
Tiffany embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Icarus printed HoodieIcarus printed Hoodie
Icarus printed Hoodie Sale price€143,95
Galaxy knit hoodieGalaxy knit hoodie
Galaxy knit hoodie Sale price€171,95
Osiris Fleece HoodieOsiris Fleece Hoodie
Osiris Fleece Hoodie Sale priceFrom €126,95
Blacky embroidered HoodieBlacky embroidered Hoodie
Blacky embroidered Hoodie Sale price€157,95
Hit rainproof HoodieHit rainproof Hoodie
Hit rainproof Hoodie Sale price€157,95
Krystal HoodieKrystal Hoodie
Krystal Hoodie Sale price€143,95
Matte printed HoodieMatte printed Hoodie
Matte printed Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Maze printed HoodieMaze printed Hoodie
Maze printed Hoodie Sale price€149,95
Osiris HoodieOsiris Hoodie
Osiris Hoodie Sale price€157,95
Duomo Stitched HoodieDuomo Stitched Hoodie
Duomo Stitched Hoodie Sale price€143,95
BALANCE embroidered HoodieBALANCE embroidered Hoodie
BALANCE embroidered Hoodie Sale price€149,95
Feather Printed HoodieFeather Printed Hoodie
Feather Printed Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Black 2.0 embroidered HoodieBlack 2.0 embroidered Hoodie
Black 2.0 embroidered Hoodie Sale price€157,95
JAPAN 2.0 embroidered HoodieJAPAN 2.0 embroidered Hoodie
JAPAN 2.0 embroidered Hoodie Sale price€166,95
Resilience embroidered HoodieResilience embroidered Hoodie
Resilience embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Milan Stitched HoodieMilan Stitched Hoodie
Milan Stitched Hoodie Sale price€143,95
Hardy embroidered HoodieHardy embroidered Hoodie
Hardy embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Ra embroidered HoodieRa embroidered Hoodie
Ra embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
Bonsai embroidered HoodieBonsai embroidered Hoodie
Bonsai embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
BLANK HoodieBLANK Hoodie
BLANK Hoodie Sale price€126,95
SCRIBBLE embroidered HoodieSCRIBBLE embroidered Hoodie
SCRIBBLE embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
THOUGHTS embroidered HoodieTHOUGHTS embroidered Hoodie
THOUGHTS embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95
CONTROL embroidered HoodieCONTROL embroidered Hoodie
CONTROL embroidered Hoodie Sale price€134,95




We are inspired and carried by the freedom to dream, to turn dreams into reality. This can be seen and felt in the clothing pieces we present.


Personality, courage, hope. That's what we aim to impart within our studio. For us, this signifies creation, the art of transforming an identity.


Self-expression is the most important thing for everyone. The little ones are no exception, and we know this, having the opportunity to provide them with the perfect options.

// Hamza DL Shopify